Re: (Partial) GNOME 3 status update

On Fri, 17.07.09 09:41, Josselin Mouette (joss debian org) wrote:

> > In all cases, pass-thru setups are too hard to setup on Linux, so it's
> > not like the extra fiddling will hurt anyone (for now anyway).
> Currently, using ALSA, it’s just a check box to tick in gst-mixer.
> Unless you can detect automatically whether the SP/DIF output is being
> used (and it’s not always possible), I don’t know how you can make it
> easier.

Pass-thru by just ticking a check-box? Uh? For AC3 pass-thru the apps
need to provide AC3 in the first place. And switching the apps to do
that is certainly nothing you can trigger by changing an ALSA mixer

If you mean normal PCM SPDIF, then I can tell you that PA supports
that just fine. You can switch between analog and SPDIF during
runtime, without even having to stop your playback.

Dunno how else I could understand your remark, but to me it appears to
be just bogus.

> > In the future, I don't see how we could have reasonable support for the
> > use cases we want to handle (say, move one stream from internal
> > speakers/soundcard to USB speakers) without having something like PA
> > available. Using only ALSA (or a sound system with similar capabilities
> > such as OSSv4) is a dead-end.
> To do things like that with Linux, you’ve always needed JACK until now.
> And if we want to cover all uses cases JACK covers, PA will end up just
> reimplementing JACK.

Sorry, but this is just bogus.


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