Re: PyGTK global keybinding module

On Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 6:47 AM, Ulrik Sverdrup<ulrik sverdrup gmail com> wrote:

> Now which way the gnome desktop takes I don't know. Global keybindings
> are certainly coming, everyone is including tomboy's code. I know the
> most sensible way for gnome would be to have a C library + A python
> binding, I've put this together as a pure python module for my
> application.

Global keybindings are a scarce resource, and need to

a) be used sparingly (I strongly doubt that most of the apps that
currently copy those libtomboy parts deserve a global keybinding...)

b) be centrally managed. We have a relatively nice infrastructure for
that, with the keybinding capplet. Unfortunately, all the code that is
copied around totally ignores that, leading to ugly conflicts and
races when several apps try to use the same key combination.


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