Re: (Partial) GNOME 3 status update

Am Dienstag, den 14.07.2009, 19:49 +0200 schrieb Jaap A. Haitsma:
> Why don't we remove gst-mixer, vu-meter, gnome-cd and cddb-slave2
> completely from gnome media 2.27. People that want to keep on building
> them can use the 2.26 branch

I'd rather keep gst-mixer at least until GNOME 3.0 (or a bit longer;
doesn't seem to require lots of maintenance). I know that Gentoo offers
the possibility to have a PA-free desktop, using gst-mixer. Also, Ubuntu
seems to provide it as default as well[1].

vu-meter, gnome-cd and cdd-slave are unlikely to be widely missed, I


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