Tabbed windows in Mutter/Metacity

Hey all,

I would like to implement support for tabbed windows in Mutter, and
was hoping for some helpful pointers. I envision tabbed windows
working essentially the same way that tabs work in Google Chrome.
However, being part of the window-manager, every application would
make use of tabs without having to re-invent them specifically for
that application. It has always struck me that tabs were something
that belonged into the window manager, not in browsers, terminals,
editors, etc.

There was a discussion a while back on the gnome developers list that
expected gnome's window manager to have tabbed windows in the future.
I believe that with the advent of compositing in Mutter/Metacity, now
is a good time to finally make this happen.

Are there any other developers interested in working on this, or have
there been plans for this in Mutter? Or does anyone know of other
projects attempting something similar? I believe there was a GSoC
project this summer that added tabs to KWin, but I haven't heard of a
similar project for Mutter/Metacity.

Sam H

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