Re: Bumping/Dropping the PolicyKit external dep

2009/7/6 Matthias Clasen <matthias clasen gmail com>:
> We should make a decision to bump our PolicyKit dependency to 0.92 for
> Gnome 2.28. Curiously, this effectively drops PolicyKit as an external
> dependency (except for the few mechanisms that are included in Gnome
> modules, such as the GConf defaults mechanism).

Right. From a gnome-power-manager point of view, all I needed to do
was remove the PolicyKit code from gnome-power-manager and depend on a
version of DeviceKit-power and GConf that has the PolicyKit1 mechanism
code, rather than the old PolicyKit mechanism code.

Today I merged in the polkit1 branches into master of DeviceKit-power,
gnome-packagekit and gnome-power-manager, and have already done it for
PackageKit 0.5.0.

I think the decision (to bump to 0.92) is an easy one given that 0.9 is dead.


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