Re: GNOME 2.26 module inclusion discussion heats up

On Sun, 11.01.09 15:08, Brian Cameron (Brian Cameron Sun COM) wrote:


> Note that Solaris does not yet use PulseAudio.  On Solaris we are
> currently using the GStreamer backend for libcanberra, so it is
> incorrect to say that it is an official approved dependency just
> by virtue of libcanberra.
> If it is necessary to integrate PulseAudio for gnome-mixer
> functionalities to work, then we can consider adding it.  However,
> the benefits of using PulseAudio when using OSS don't seem to be
> as compelling as when you are using ALSA since OSS has mixing
> functionalities lacking in ALSA already built in.

These are misconceptions. Misconceptions about what ALSA does, and
about what PA does. ALSA does have mixing capabilities (it goes by the
name of "dmix"). While dmix might have some drawbacks it is certainly
not nearly as crazy as OSS4-style in-kernel mixing.

It has been discussed gazillions of times before what PA is and why
you'd want to have it or not have it. I am not going to repeat it here
once more. But rest assured: PA is not what you apparently think it


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