Re: Brasero improvements over the 2.26 release cycle


Le samedi 10 janvier 2009 à 21:04 -0500, Martin Meyer a écrit :
A couple question:

Will the refactoring into library and app (the separation) be ready
and stable for the 2.28 release?
libbrasero-media which probes for, retrieves information about drives/media and provides locking,...  will be ready for 2.26. I will complete the API before the 19th of January (with doc hopefully). The said API will be quite similar to the one of NCB plus some more functions needed for some specific advanced task (multisession in particular, session/track information, CD-TEXT reading). It also provides an additional widget to select media (not drives) which is more useful in some situations.
The burning part is still in brasero and needs some more work; it should be split for 2.28 (if brasero gets included of course). In the mean time our lastest work on brasero allows it to be quite flexible when spawed (especially through the use of projects) so at the moment this solution should cover all the needs. Of course an exposed burning backend will allow for more things.

What are the plans for versioning? Will you jump to a 2.28 release, or
stay with your current version scheme for a while?

I think we would stick to GNOME one which means that 0.9.x would become 2.26.



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