Brasero improvements over the 2.26 release cycle


After the previous discussion about proposing Brasero for GNOME 2.26 the
Brasero has made lot's of improvements based on some feedback from the

So right now we released two releases during the 2.25 cycle and added
this important features:

- Nautilus extension (based on the current ncb), there are some
applications that put the files on burn:/// with this extension Brasero
replaces ncb and Burn the media.
- Split Brasero into a library (available on trunk) named
libbrasero-media that is being documented (devhelp) and re-arranged so
we can deliver a stable API.
- Lot's of bug fixes (Can be seen on NEWS and Changelog)
- Submitted a Totem[1] plugin, Rhythmbox[2] plugin and Sound-Juicer[3]
work to replace ncb by brasero using the new library in addiction to
other applications already using Brasero (Banshee, exaile etc...).
- Followed and completed Gnome Goals in time. 
- Consistent releases with the current unstable release cycle.

With this we archived almost all feedback made by the community we
always expect to improve GNOME and would be glad to help.
In the future we expect to make the library better documented, add
language bindings, support for more formats etc...
Thanks for all the people involved on the feedback, help tested,
submitted bugs and translate.



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