Re: Brasero improvements over the 2.26 release cycle

It sounds like you're aiming to make Brasero a pretty all-encompassing
burning library/system. That sounds awesome - I really like the idea
of having just one library responsible for that desktop-wide.

A couple question:

Will the refactoring into library and app (the separation) be ready
and stable for the 2.28 release?

What are the plans for versioning? Will you jump to a 2.28 release, or
stay with your current version scheme for a while?

I've used Brasero a few times now and it seemed pretty nice to me.
Thanks for all the work you guys put into it!


On Sat, Jan 10, 2009 at 8:19 PM, Luis Medinas <lmedinas gnome org> wrote:
> Hi!
> After the previous discussion about proposing Brasero for GNOME 2.26 the
> Brasero has made lot's of improvements based on some feedback from the
> community.
> So right now we released two releases during the 2.25 cycle and added
> this important features:
> - Nautilus extension (based on the current ncb), there are some
> applications that put the files on burn:/// with this extension Brasero
> replaces ncb and Burn the media.
> - Split Brasero into a library (available on trunk) named
> libbrasero-media that is being documented (devhelp) and re-arranged so
> we can deliver a stable API.
> - Lot's of bug fixes (Can be seen on NEWS and Changelog)
> - Submitted a Totem[1] plugin, Rhythmbox[2] plugin and Sound-Juicer[3]
> work to replace ncb by brasero using the new library in addiction to
> other applications already using Brasero (Banshee, exaile etc...).
> - Followed and completed Gnome Goals in time.
> - Consistent releases with the current unstable release cycle.
> With this we archived almost all feedback made by the community we
> always expect to improve GNOME and would be glad to help.
> In the future we expect to make the library better documented, add
> language bindings, support for more formats etc...
> Thanks for all the people involved on the feedback, help tested,
> submitted bugs and translate.
> Cheers
> Luis
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> [2]-
> [3]-
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