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В Пнд, 10/08/2009 в 22:43 +0200, Luca Ferretti пишет:
> Il giorno lun, 10/08/2009 alle 17.24 +0200, Christian Rose ha scritto:
> > This is an interesting point. Yes, an OpenWithLabel is probably
> > actually needed for translation reasons. Another example, using
> > Swedish:
> > 
> > "Open with" -> "Öppna med"
> > 
> > but
> > 
> > Wrong: "Öppna med Webbläsaren Epiphany"
> > Correct: "Öppna med webbläsaren Epiphany"
> > 
> Same for Italian, we workarounded this always using quote marks.
>   original: Open with Text Editor
>   Italian:  Apri con "Editor di testo"
The same problem was here with Russian language. Even two problems,
actually. First, there's a problem with declension: in Russian, you need
another grammatical case (Instrumental) after "Открыть" ("Open with")
verb. This problem has been solved by using "Открыть в программе" ("Open
in a program") as a translation for "Open with", so that we could use
applications names in Nominative case. After that, however, we were
merely obliged to use quotes, since the word "program" actually required
it. So, in 2.26 for some archive, e.g., I see a Russian equivalent of
"Open in a program «Archive Manager»", which is more or less ok,
although a bit clumsy.

> PS However, about the original question and any subsequent issue, we are
> still lacking feedback from "non European" languages, if I'm right. 
Hopefully, I gave some :)

  Alexey "Ktirf" Rusakov
  GNOME Project
  ALT Linux Team

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