Re: dconf

Stef Walter wrote:
> Rob Taylor wrote:
>> My question would be is why do these "People" have a desktop in which
>> there isn't a DBus session bus? Its been there for a very long time now
>> in most distros, afact. For gnome 3.0, running without a session bus is
>> going to be like running gnome 2.0 without orbit2. i.e. it ain't gonna
>> work right.
> Here you go:
> $ sudo gnome-terminal
> [sudo] password for stef:
> Failed to contact the GConf daemon; exiting.
> Same applies to:
> $ gksudo gnome-terminal
> This bit me recently (Ubuntu Jaunty).

Strange, this works fine for me. The gconfd service is
session-activatable, so what should happen in this case is:

  - gnome-termial will launch, try to connect to the session bus.
  - as the bus isn't available libdbus will launch dbus-launch, which
will  start a new session bus daemon for the 'root' user.
  - gnome-terminal (via libgconf) will attempt to connect to
  - as no service is availiable with this well known name, the bus
daemon will look for it in /usr/share/dbus-1/services (or as appropriate
for your distro)
  - finding the file org.gnome.GConf.service in that directory, the bus
daemon will launch gconfd, wait till then name "/org.gnome.GConf" is
registered and then deliver the message.

This should work on any distro with the correct version of gconf (2.24).
If this isn't working for you, my first port of call would be first to
see if you have dbus-launch installed, then check you have the
prerequisite .service file available. I would say this seems like a
distro problem, but it works fine for me on Intrepid here.

Hope that helps,

> Cheers,
> Stef

Rob Taylor, Codethink Ltd. -

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