Re: dconf


I was not familiar with these bugs.

I'm glad to bring them to your attention, then, since I think it
relates to the work in dconf.

One thing is definitely true: for reading from the configuration
settings, these bugs will not be an issue because you don't need to use
the bus or launch the service at all for this to work.

For writing, it's really hard to say. This seems like a wider DBus issue
affecting all things that use it. Depending on how those bugs are
resolved upstream, the result will be different for dconf. It seems, in
general, we need to have a better-defined idea of what a session is.

I assume the reason that these bugs bother you is because GConf used to
work properly under 'su' when it was straight-up CORBA?

Many people have complained to me about the fact that the configuration
management can't start unless D-Bus is running.  People don't
understand the need to run dbus-launch when they just want to run some
program which uses GConf or dconf.  It makes it awkward to run programs
outside of normal D-Bus enabled user sessions.  The fact that this
causes problems with "su" is just an example of a wider problem and
probably the most annoying aspect of the bug to normal users.


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