Collecting reviews of 2.24 release

Hi all,

As with previous GNOME releases, I've been tagging articles mentioning
the 2.24 release with the tag "gnome224" (that is, I have been tagging
releases since 2.16 - this is the first time I've used the gnome224 tag
- just to avoid any pedantry ;) )

You can catch reviews of GNOME 2.24 at this tag:

And for GNOME 2.XX, try

It's interesting to see the impact of the release notes on the depth and
quality of the reviews, but it's also interesting to see some of the
not-so-positive things people have been saying over time, and trying to
pick some themes and trends out of it all.

Delicious being collaborative linking, if any of you come across
articles relating to this or past GNOME releases, it'd be great if you
could also tag them 'gnome2XX' for the appropriate value of XX.


-- docsmaster
Email: dneary maemo org
Jabber: bolsh jabber org

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