Re: Collecting reviews of 2.24 release


Apologies - I sent this from the incorrect address. I suspect the recent
changes in forwarding bounces on caught the emails which would
have told me my email was being held in moderation (and if I had
received them, I would have cancelled the posts and resent).


Dave Neary wrote:
> As with previous GNOME releases, I've been tagging articles mentioning
> the 2.24 release with the tag "gnome224" (that is, I have been tagging
> releases since 2.16 - this is the first time I've used the gnome224 tag
> - just to avoid any pedantry ;) )
> You can catch reviews of GNOME 2.24 at this tag:
> And for GNOME 2.XX, try
> It's interesting to see the impact of the release notes on the depth and
> quality of the reviews, but it's also interesting to see some of the
> not-so-positive things people have been saying over time, and trying to
> pick some themes and trends out of it all.
> Delicious being collaborative linking, if any of you come across
> articles relating to this or past GNOME releases, it'd be great if you
> could also tag them 'gnome2XX' for the appropriate value of XX.

Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
bolsh gnome org

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