Camel ABI/API break on gnome-2-24


I'm planning to do some more performance improvement for the
Camel/DBSummary code that, I added during gnome-2-24. I just figured
that I might end up breaking Camel ABI/API. But, I wanted to do it
stable, as the benefits of it will be much.

The entire API set was new in gnome-2-24, EDS isn't part of Platform yet
and Camel isn't directly used by any apps on the stack. evolution-brutus
depends on it, but since the entire set is new and released a week back,
I doubt, if Brutus is migrated to the new code base. Even then, it might
not have a extra bit for any application, apart from a re-compilation of
the dependent app. 

Well, I asked Vuntz on the r-t channel, he was fine, but asked me to
just check on the d-d-l, if any one is affected of this.


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