Re: GSD should not housekeep the thumbnails

We could totally use some liboil/profiling ninjas to work on libjpeg to
make it faster.  Then, maybe thumbnailing on-the-fly wouldn't be

Ooh, yes, please! And the gdk scaling routines are very slow and memory-intensive for large-ratio downscaling, which is unhelpful too.

or extract the thumbnail from the exif, but the exifthumb size is
smaller than the large standard.

I've never been keen on embedded thumbnails - many apps ignore them, or don't update them after a change (e.g., main image gets cropped, but thumbnail does not - gthumb certainly has had issues with this in the past). Plus, orientation tag issues can be confusing (ifd1 may have its own orientation tag. Or not. Does the thumbnail use the ifd0 tag if there is no ifd1 tag, or is the thumbnail auto-rotated? It's unclear to me, anyway.) I don't trust them!

- Mike

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