Re: GSD should not housekeep the thumbnails

On Mon, 2008-09-22 at 18:19 -0500, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:
> On Tue, 2008-09-16 at 11:34 +0200, Stephane Delcroix wrote:
> > Since 2.23.1, gnome-settings-daemon contains a housekeeping plugin that
> > clean the .thumbnails. Even if it looks fair, it really makes the F-spot
> > usage awful to the point it's basically unusable.
> A semi-related point:
> JPEG loading with libjpeg is currently really slow (the benchmark being
> Photoshop, which is really goddamn fast for JPEGs).
> We could totally use some liboil/profiling ninjas to work on libjpeg to
> make it faster.  Then, maybe thumbnailing on-the-fly wouldn't be
> painful.

or extract the thumbnail from the exif, but the exifthumb size is
smaller than the large standard.

with or without that, libjpeg needs some love...


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