GTK adjustement changes create incompatible behaviour between versions?


The new GTK 2.14 changed the way GtkAdjustements are working:

"* GtkAdjustment now enforces that values are restricted to the
  range [lower, upper - page_size]. This has always been the documented
  behaviour, and the recommended practice is to set page_size to 0
  when using adjustments for simple scalar values, like in a slider
  or spin button. "

That's the GTK readme stating that the new behaviour is documented but
the GTK API example use non null values in its example and lot of
applications seem to be in this case too.

That creates a collection of bugs, has a small discussion
on the topic, basically the gtk_spin_buttons limits are broken in lot of
applications (some example are on the bug, gnome-panel has similar
issues too). That also means that applications need source code changes
to be adapted to the new GTK behaviour.

Would it be possible to reconsider this change? That's somewhat a
compatibility breakage and will create issues in lot of softwares. 
If the change is right it would be nice to let a cycle for applications
to be updated to the new behaviour before using it, there is thousand of
GTK applications around and reviewing those for incorrect adjustement
usages is going to take a while.

I'm copying the desktop-devel-list too because GNOME 2.24 is due next
week and it's likely that several GNOME desktop applications have not
been updated for those changes

Sebastien Bacher

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