Re: [gdm-list] GDM version used for GNOME 2.24?

Having now lived with a partially audible GDM process, I thought I
should provide some small suggestions. I guess this seems the right

By "partial," I mean that I have the default sound playing following my
successful login. This is good, as it provides confirmation that login
was successful, but ...

1.)	It's way way way too loud.Not sure why/how, but its very
significantly louder than Orca, when it starts talking, or any sound I
might play via console or Gnome. So, it's seriously out of proportion
for some reason.

2.)	Am I correct that it plays via oss? So that on Linux it plays
via alsa's oss emmulation?

	I suspect this because I have multiple audio devices in almost
all of my machines, and I will not infrequently find Orca on the "wrong"
device. When that happens, it forces me to try and reset
everything--which includes relogging in.

	I realize GDM is intended across multiple OS, not just Linux.
But, would it be that hard to test and not simply assume oss is benign?



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