Re: new module proposal: brasero

On Sun, 2008-11-02 at 17:02 -0600, Jason D. Clinton wrote:
> 2008/11/1 Philippe Rouquier <rouquier p wanadoo fr>
>         Hi,
>         We'd be interested in having brasero integrated into the GNOME
>         desktop.
> +1, a wonderful application. n-c-b should be completely removed.

Problem is it's a stand-alone application. It doesn't integrate with the
workflow or usage pattern that we set out to achieve with

There's no shame in brasero _not_ being in the GNOME release. And it
doesn't stop distributions shipping it if they feel that their users
would want more features for CD burning.

Let me write the supposed workflow for CD burning in GNOME (that's not
quite what it is currently):

* Media is inserted first
- User inserts blank media
- The CD creator window opens up inviting the user to add files to the
location to burn onto a CD
- User clicks "write to CD"
- nautilus-cd-burner opens, click write, done

* User knows they want to create a CD:
- User scours the menus, finds the "CD/DVD creator" under System Tools
- Window is inviting the user to add files
- Clicks write to CD
- nautilus-cd-burner opens, click write, a disc will be requested, done

The 3rd option is integration into applications. Rhythmbox allows to
burn audio CDs from existing playlists, gthumb allows burning CDs/DVDs
from image albums and image folders.

Brasero currently only offers an answer to the second option. And what
we're really looking for is an answer for option 3. I'll take patches to
create Video DVDs from a Totem playlist, and I'm sure Pitivi hackers
would be happy for it to have the same treatment.


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