new module proposal: brasero


We'd be interested in having brasero integrated into the GNOME desktop.

Brasero is a standalone application to burn CDs and DVDs. We have tried to make brasero as easy to use and as simple as possible. Brasero has been developped for about 4 years now and has been actively maintained ever since.

Brasero supports the basic operations:
- CD/DVD creation (audio, data)
- CD/DVD copy
- CD/DVD blanking and formatting

One of the strengths of brasero is that it can use various backends through its plugin system and can easily be extended to support some more. Currently it supports growisofs, libburn, libisofs, cdrecord/mkisofs/readcd, wodim/genisoimage/readom, cdrdao.

The plugin system also allows for additional features:
(on the fly) checksuming, use of remote files (FTP, samba, ...), audio normalization, video DVD copy.

Other features includes:
full multisession support
preview of audio, video files and pictures
initial support for video DVD creation
audio track splitting
medium cover editor

Brasero and GNOME:
- we tried to stick to GNOME HIG guidelines.
- brasero has tried to integrate as tightly as possible with the rest of the desktop and in particular with nautilus
- it is up to date as far as GNOME goals are concerned
- it uses and has been using and for quite some time now
- it is well translated by GNOME translator teams (btw, thanks to all of you again)
- a documentation is available

It supports linux, OpenSolaris and freeBSD.

As far as we know, it is used as the default burning application on Ubuntu and OpenSuse; but I was told it was also considered to be chosen as the default application for OpenSolaris.
Uptodate packages are also available for Fedora and Mandriva.

- glib and gio
- gtk+
- gstreamer (for all audio and video operations)
- libxml2
- dbus

Optional dependencies:
- totem-pl-parser
- beagle
- dvdcss (for video DVD copy)
- all burning backends (libburn, libisofs, growisofs, wodim, cdrecord, readcd, readom, mkisofs, genisoimage, ....)

Short term:
- get ready for GTK+ 3.0
- support DVD-RAM and BDs
- improvements to the video project parts
- allow full multisession media edition (file removal, file renaming, ...) through libisofs

Future plans:
- audio on DVDs
- allow to shrink video DVDs when copying
- video DVD to video CD copy
- backup and automatic file update on insertion
- file spanning
- creation of encrypted images


All comments and suggestions would be of course appreciated. We are willing to do whatever needs to be done to improve brasero for it to be integrated.

NOTE: after the 0.8.3 release that should take place soon, we intend to branch it and use SVN trunk for the next development version. ATM trunk is the latest stable version.

Philippe Rouquier

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