Re: Any proposal for a small HCI-related university project?

Thanks Matteo, but I've decided to work on gnumeric for my HCI project.
I joined the bug discussion on launchpad though, we'll see what to do
about that!

Luca Vezzaro

2008/3/2 Matteo Settenvini <matteo-ml member fsf org>:
> Hi Luca,
>  It's not strictly in GNOME, but improving song renaming in the
>  PyGtk-based Exaile music player is badly needed and shouldn't be too
>  hard to do (all the code is already there). Something with the potential
>  of Amarok but the ease of use of other players.
>  You should probably research how this is done in at least 7-8 different
>  players, like Amarok, Quod Libet, BMPx, Rhythmbox, iTunes, etc... and
>  invent something better, taking in account the needs of users that have
>  to re-organize large libraries with ease.
>  If you tackle it, remember subscribing the proper bug[1] and contacting
>  Adam Olsen[2] to warn him you're working on it, so not to duplicate the
>  effort. You may want also to join the dev team if you get results.
>  Branching it and preparing a couple of patches should be fairly easy. If
>  you make it, yours is the glory :-).
>  Anyway, "official" GNOME projects have some priority, so please evaluate
>  any other proposal before this ;-).
>  Other ideas, anyone?
>  Cheers,
>  Matteo
>  [1]
>  [2]

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