Re: gnome-session proposal

David Zeuthen wrote:

> > > Do you have a concrete example of a modern desktop application where the
> > > absence of XSMP in GNOME 2.24 would be a huge inconvenience?
> > 
> > I think you should not limit yourself to GNOME 2.24; people are using
> > other applications.
> Uh, I think you misread what I said. I was asking for examples of modern
> desktop applications (e.g applications using e.g. Qt, GTK+, Swing, SWT,
> E17, wxWidgets, XUL etc.) for which absence of XSMP would be a huge
> inconvenience. Do you have any such examples?

Sorry for the miscomprehension; it was getting late.

As for examples I have been living for a few weeks without my session
getting restored correctly[1] and, while not a *huge* inconvenience,
it is nevertheless quite boring to start each day adding a
gnome-terminal, moving it to desktop four and creating three tabs.

This is my little concrete experience with missing session management,
I am totally ok with it as I choosed to test gnome-session 2.23; my
comments here are just ouf of fear users, when 2.24 is released, would
get the same problems.



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