Re: Releasing libgweather standalone

On Tue, 2008-01-08 at 10:45 +0000, Bastien Nocera wrote:
> On Tue, 2008-01-08 at 21:15 +1300, Callum McKenzie wrote:
> > What about Locations.xml? This is still part of gnome-applets and (via
> > the weather applet dialog) is the only nice way to select a location.
> > Shouldn't this be split out too? Otherwise we either a) have to load an
> > applet specifically to set our location, or b) duplicate the
> > Locations.xml file (its big). Neither of these are desirable.
> This is something I mentioned to Federico, but didn't get an answer.
> Moving the file would be pretty easy. We'd need to add a variable to the
> pkg-config file for apps to find it (if we don't move the selection
> dialogue), and copy and intltool-update the pot files from gnome-applets
> (I don't think there's been any changes in translatable strings, and
> that'll get us updated translations for free).

The patch for gnome-applets which I sent over private mail picks up the
path for Locations.xml from a pkg-config variable:

	pkg-config --variable=locations_file gweather

That will spit "/usr/share/libgweather/Locations.xml" --- gnome-applets
then substitutes that into the weather applet's Makefile.

In the near-term future we should polish gweather-xml.[ch] and stick it
in libgweather; right now those files are copied between intlclock and
the weather applet.  I haven't looked very closely at what sort of API
they provide.

> Does gweather in the gnome-applets use the same dialogue as the updated
> clock-applet does? If not, we might want to take the dialogue from the
> intlclock instead.

Yeah, it would be nice to move the "pick a location" widgets into
libgweather... as well as a more general / global "what's my location,
and what locations do I care about?" mechanism.  Evolution will also
want to use this.

How about this:

* This release: standalone libgweather; apps read Locations.xml by hand

* Next release: we figure out a nice API for Locations.xml, and put it
in libgweather

* Next release?  Future?  We write the machinery to keep your
interesting/current locations and move the GUI somewhere sane.

Whatcha think? :)


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