Re: Releasing libgweather standalone

On Mon, 2008-01-07 at 19:34 -0600, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:
> Hi,
> Bastien did some kick-ass work to produce a standalone version of
> libgweather (previously in gnome-applets).  This will be needed when we
> finish merging intlclock into gnome-panel's clock applet, as gnome-panel
> obviously can't be made to depend on a library that lives inside
> gnome-applets.
> With Matthias's help, I've been fixing up libgweather and it's now 
> "make dist"-able.  With that, I'd like to make a standalone release of
> libgweather as soon as possible for the 2.22 deadline.
> This perhaps means that modules which need libgweather will need to be
> fixed up to not expect gnome-applets.
> [This is not to be an API-stable platform library, but it would be good
> to start thinking of doing that...]
> Thoughts?
What about Locations.xml? This is still part of gnome-applets and (via
the weather applet dialog) is the only nice way to select a location.
Shouldn't this be split out too? Otherwise we either a) have to load an
applet specifically to set our location, or b) duplicate the
Locations.xml file (its big). Neither of these are desirable.

Obviously splitting out the "select a location" UI would be a good idea

 - Callum

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