Re: Sound effects

On Fri, Dec 12, 2008 at 10:36 AM, Karl Lattimer <karl qdh org uk> wrote:

>> These are all under the class of "something has happened which you did
>> not specifically ask to happen and may require your attention"
>> And so would be perfect candidates to have the sound.
> Some of these things are also "something has happend which you were
> expecting to happen but didn't know when it would happen"

I see these as the same class actually.
I didn't specifically ask for a file transfer to finish, it was of
course expected.

> I totally agree here. Although a single sound is probably not great,
> you'd need something that sounds bad (errors), something that sounds
> good (something you've been waiting on is done) and something that
> sounds inquisitive and would require attention.

Well, that was pretty much the initial 3 sounds idea
error, notify and "something has happened..."

> It's important to reduce the number of random noises into noises which
> fit with what's happening. Also I don't want to feel like I've had an
> electric shock when an error occurs, so the sounds can't be too
> obnoxious...

I did mention that in the initial email.
subtle sounds. I have ideas on how a subtle sound should be created
but I thought I'd wait until I'd made a few examples first.


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