Re: Reporting crashes [was: Reduced Bugzilla functionality]

Le vendredi 05 décembre 2008 à 11:10 +0100, Olav Vitters a écrit :
> > I’m not really convinced by the minidump approach, especially because of
> > the confidentiality implications. Furthermore the current code still has
> > non-free components and is not distributable. 
> Non-free? By Debian guidelines or across distributions? 

Regardless of the distribution’s guidelines, a binary using this code is
not distributable, because of GPL incompatibility.

> You aren't shipping Bug-Buddy then?

There is no need to go that far; we are simply shipping a version with
google-breakpad support disabled.

> > The approach I’ve been pondering for some time is instead to put the
> > debugging information on a public server, shared by WebDAV, so that it
> > is be possible to mount it with FUSE and let bug-buddy dump the trace
> > directly. The problem with this approach is that gdb currently reads the
> I don't understand this bit. Do you mean that the core dump would be put
> on a public server?

Certainly not. The idea would be to allow bug-buddy to mount the
debugging symbols on the user’s machine, to obtain the full backtrace
here and to only send this (hopefully usable) trace on the network.

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