Reporting crashes [was: Reduced Bugzilla functionality]

Le jeudi 04 décembre 2008 à 20:17 +0100, Cosimo Cecchi a écrit :
> Technically, bug-buddy is already capable of creating minidumps and push
> them to a server, and this would be great indeed, but
> AFAICT it requires a lot of coordination between us and distributions to
> provide:
> - a way for distributors to automatically push debug information to a
> centralized server for every package/update.
> - an unified way to get the version of a package, as distributors often
> ship two or more updates for the same upstream version.

I’m not really convinced by the minidump approach, especially because of
the confidentiality implications. Furthermore the current code still has
non-free components and is not distributable. 

The approach I’ve been pondering for some time is instead to put the
debugging information on a public server, shared by WebDAV, so that it
is be possible to mount it with FUSE and let bug-buddy dump the trace
directly. The problem with this approach is that gdb currently reads the
whole debugging symbol information upon loading, just to compute a

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