Re: libcanberra as an external dependency

On Sat, 09.08.08 17:19, Daniel E. Macks (dmacks netspace org) wrote:

> It doesn't appear to have a homepage, it doesn't have a bug-tracking
> system that I can find (only a "discussion" mailing list that looks
> like just release announcements), and its build system hard-codes

I am not sure why exactly a homepage should be necessary for a project
to become an external dep. I mean, not even all libraries that make up
the gnome platform have homepages. And even if they have, they are
seldomly up to date.

Having said that. Yes, I will set up a homepage.

> things that are non-portable to non-ELF platforms. These things are

Which thigns are non-portable to non-ELF?

> all fixable (and inter-related, especially the infrastructure issues)
> and I'd file bugs and submit patches if I knew where, etc. Even
> having

Just post those bug reports on the mailing list for now. Usually
that's how bugs are handled "by default" for small and new projects,
isn't it? Alternatively you are welcome to post them on rhbz. 

I've now asked for a new bz product for libcanberra on fdo, so that we
can track bugs there.

> Even fdo, where the underlying sound-theme spec is being handled,
> hasn't finished setting up infrastructure for the spec itself,
> so it seems
> premature to go full steam ahead on libcanberra.

Hehe, complaining about how fdo administration works or doesn't work
isn't really fair to libcanberra, is it?


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