Re: libcanberra as an external dependency

2008/8/9 Daniel E. Macks <dmacks netspace org>:
> Sorry to come in late to the conversation, but I just took a look at
> building libcanberra-0.6 on OS X (a place where gnome and esd
> presently build and work). My take is that libcanberra isn't yet
> mature enough as a project to become a required part of gnome.

OS X ports can be fixed as a lower priority. Let's look after #1 first, please.

> It doesn't appear to have a homepage, it doesn't have a bug-tracking
> system that I can find (only a "discussion" mailing list that looks
> like just release announcements), and its build system hard-codes
> things that are non-portable to non-ELF platforms. These things are
> all fixable (and inter-related, especially the infrastructure issues)
> and I'd file bugs and submit patches if I knew where, etc. Even having
> it as an *optional* external support lib doesn't bother me (I'd just
> opt-out until I got it fixed enough locally:). But seems like this
> thing needs more testing and a gradual migration rather than to just
> toss it in and require it in any basic gnome components right away.

You think EsounD has a homepage?

Adding a libcanberra bug tracker somewhere is something that can be
solved in minutes.

> Even fdo, where the underlying sound-theme spec is being handled,
> hasn't finished setting up infrastructure for the spec itself,
> so it seems
> premature to go full steam ahead on libcanberra.

What do we actually have to lose? It's not like making this decision
now will prevent us from adapting to the specification (right?). I
generally think we should push ruthlessly ahead with these kinds of
things, but maybe that will be my downfall.

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