Re: libcanberra as an external dependency

Sorry to come in late to the conversation, but I just took a look at
building libcanberra-0.6 on OS X (a place where gnome and esd
presently build and work). My take is that libcanberra isn't yet
mature enough as a project to become a required part of gnome.

It doesn't appear to have a homepage, it doesn't have a bug-tracking
system that I can find (only a "discussion" mailing list that looks
like just release announcements), and its build system hard-codes
things that are non-portable to non-ELF platforms. These things are
all fixable (and inter-related, especially the infrastructure issues)
and I'd file bugs and submit patches if I knew where, etc. Even having
it as an *optional* external support lib doesn't bother me (I'd just
opt-out until I got it fixed enough locally:). But seems like this
thing needs more testing and a gradual migration rather than to just
toss it in and require it in any basic gnome components right away.

Even fdo, where the underlying sound-theme spec is being handled,
hasn't finished setting up infrastructure for the spec itself, so it seems
premature to go full steam ahead on libcanberra.


Daniel Macks
dmacks netspace org

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