Re: libcanberra as an external dependency


I think libcanberra must have an esd output plug-in at the very least (i.e. if not also OSS and Sun Audio) in order to be a viable external dependency. This would go a long way to helping non-Linux platforms achieve working sound theme support using all blessed GNOME dependencies.

Sun plans to write a Sun Audio backend, though we probably won't have
time to get this done for our GNOME 2.24 release.  Sound that requires
libcanberra probably will be broken until we get that addressed.
Overall, we at Sun are excited to use the new framework and get away
from using ESD.

It would be nice if libcanberra supported an esd backend for stability.
This way things still work reasonably while people are transitioning.
Since ESD has the blessing of a GNOME Platform interface, it seems we
should be a little careful about backwards compatibility support.  I
don't think providing such backwards compatibility will slow the killing
of ESD.


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