Re: GtkLove/PatchTriaging

On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 9:19 AM, Diego Escalante Urrelo
<diegoe gnome org> wrote:
> Hey!
>  I took some minutes to try a bunch of the patches in the bottomless
>  pit of GTK+ bugzilla, I put the results of my triaging in
>  Most of what I checked can be solved quickly since there are a lot of
>  one-liners and nice useful patches. About 6 patches are available in
>  docs section, and I think you can agree with me that they can be just
>  downloaded, read, committed.
>  I consider that the 15 patches I marked as "Small action required to
>  close" in the wiki can be reviewed and closed in a matter of minutes.
>  So you can imagine the purpose of this email: gtk+ maintainers, please
>  commit patches/mark commit_now/close such bugs :).
>  I marked some of the trivial patches I triaged as reviewed, I left
>  more complicated stuff as-was. All the bugs I triaged are commented in
>  the wiki.
>  Sorry if I broke something or disturbed the order of universe for
>  someone, as always it's all with the best of intentions :).
>  Hopefully more people will join the triaging.
Nice work, but what about having keyword (trivial-patch ?) in bugzilla
for these patches. It's easier than listing it on a wiki page


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