Module proposal: Project Hamster for GNOME 2.24

Hi guys!

I would like to propose Project Hamster[1] for inclusion in Gnome 2.24
desktop suite
I'm CCing gnome-doc-list since hamster has no documentation except for
what's on the web site.

* Purpose: Project Hamster is a nifty time tracking applet for the
Gnome desktop. It helps to keep track on how much time has been spent
during the day on set up activities.

* Dependencies:

* Resource usage
Currently hosted on Willing to fully migrate

* Adoption: None

* GNOME-ness, community:
Slightly integrated with evolution-data-server to get currently active
TODO list items.
All strings are translation-ready

* Additional info:
For building, standard Gnome autotools chain is used (used Deskbar
Makefiles to sort those things out).
Hamster has been recently exposed to Gnome Files, that allowed to
verify it's readiness for desktop.

Not being a native speaker, and this is my first time writing a
proposal, so don't beat me hard. Looking forward for your feedback!



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