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Hi Alp,

You might also find Aaron Leventhal a valuable resource.


Alp Toker wrote:
Vincent Untz wrote:

In the last few weeks we've started to look at formal accessibility support for document navigation and manipulation. The first WebCore patches have landed and we intend to provide AT-SPI accessibility for the 2.24 release. This is partly in response to requests from the community and Yelp developers.
So looking back at the previous discussion that happened on d-d-l,
accessibility seems to be the only important blocker. Do you have any
estimation of when this will be ready?

Hi Vincent!

The first cut at the WebCore accessibility backend is almost ready (it landed once but was backed out due to build breakage). Once that's in, it'll be a matter of implementing AT-SPI with ATK over it, tweaking the WebCore layer if any further changes are necessary.

With help from the GNOME accessibility team, this could happen in a matter of weeks and it's encouraging to see Willie Walker is enthusiastic about sharing his experiences. I've also spoken with Rob Taylor who's familiar with the innards of AT-SPI and has some ideas.

Until it's clear whether there'll be people outside the core WebKit/GTK+ team actively contributing, I'll be sticking with the original goal which is to have it ready and working for 2.24.

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