Re: Module proposal: Project Hamster for GNOME 2.24

Toms wrote:
Haven't heard about Timeline before, but it seems that it has slightly
different target - it tells you which applications you have been

In Hamster, on other hand, you tell the app, what you are doing (like
"reading email" or "working on X" and others), and at the end of day
it can show you totals, from the data you entered - in two words -
time tracking.
Sound like a great little tool. I used to use it similar in my previous life, my manager made us all to use it. We can define categories for the task we spent time on. But we are not allow to define a category called 'Misc' because that would become the biggest
category where time spent on :).
Can't remember the name of the tool, it was a tcl with Motif widget.

Can the categories be made to loaded from a specific location or files?
Thinking of centrally configured for a small work ground, may be useful for project manager to know how much to charge the clients based on the out put of this tool :)

Popular use case for Hamster type of time tracking desktop
applications is in companies, where time reports are to be sent, say,
every second week, registering how many hours one has spent on which

On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 1:25 PM, Luis Villa <luis tieguy org> wrote:
Looks cool.

 Not really related to 2.24 at all, but have you looked at the
 'timeline' stuff nat wrote some years back[1]? Might be interesting to
 integrate that idea somehow. (Timeline has been on my mind, since I
 find the shell history meme that is all the rage on planet.gnome to be
 supremely ironic on a project which once had it as a goal to end shell


 [1] very little about it on the
 web, but search for timeline in this page

 On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 7:36 AM, Toms <toms baugis gmail com> wrote:
 > Hi guys!
 >  I would like to propose Project Hamster[1] for inclusion in Gnome 2.24
 >  desktop suite
 >  I'm CCing gnome-doc-list since hamster has no documentation except for
 >  what's on the web site.
 >  * Purpose: Project Hamster is a nifty time tracking applet for the
 >  Gnome desktop. It helps to keep track on how much time has been spent
 >  during the day on set up activities.
 >  * Dependencies:
 >  pygtk
 >  python-cairo
 >  python-pysqlite2
 >  * Resource usage
 >  Currently hosted on Willing to fully migrate
 >  * Adoption: None
 >  * GNOME-ness, community:
 >  Slightly integrated with evolution-data-server to get currently active
 >  TODO list items.
 >  All strings are translation-ready
 >  * Additional info:
 >  For building, standard Gnome autotools chain is used (used Deskbar
 >  Makefiles to sort those things out).
 >  Hamster has been recently exposed to Gnome Files, that allowed to
 >  verify it's readiness for desktop.
 >  Not being a native speaker, and this is my first time writing a
 >  proposal, so don't beat me hard. Looking forward for your feedback!
 >  Toms
 >  [1]
 >  [2]
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