help needed with non-US time zones for clock applet

(Specifically, if you live in [or are knowledgeable about] AR, AU, BR,
CA, CN, CD, GL, ID, KZ, MY, MX, RU, UA, or UZ, please read this. Thanks :)

Vincent has just committed the patches to fix the "clock applet guesses
the wrong timezone" bug, but this relies on
libgweather/data/ having the correct timezones listed
for various places.


- Argentina: /usr/share/zoneinfo/ lists 11 zones, though
Wikipedia claims that there is only a single zone for the entire
country. It's possible that the other 10 zones reflect historical
distinctions that are no longer relevant. I assigned the whole
country to America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires. Is this right?

Argentina it.s ok with the time_zone from Buenos Aires (GMT-3)

Gonzalo Odiard

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