Re: help needed with non-US time zones for clock applet

Dan Winship wrote:
    - China: 5 timezones listed, but everything I've seen says that
      only Asia/Shanghai is still in use. Right? (Taiwan and Hong Kong
      are listed separately.)
There is only a single time zone for th whole of China for many years, same for
Hong Kong and Taiwan. (I remember Hong Kong used to have Summer and winter
time when I was a little kid, but that was so long ago ..)
- Indonesia: 4 timezones, somewhat guessable based on longitude.
      Probably not 100% right though
   I think this also a sigle time zone.
    - Malaysia: 2 timezones on widely separated islands, so I think I
      got these right just going by longitude.

This is definitely a single time zone all alone. I was born on the east island :)


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