Re: web login driver

On 9/28/07, Diego Escalante Urrelo <diegoe gnome org> wrote:
> Have you thought on adding a warning dialog
> like gnome-keyring when someone is trying to access this info?

No; this is a larger discussion but really quickly: I don't believe
that the gnome-keyring "allow app X to access key Y?" is a good idea
1) The desktop is one security domain; any app can
ptrace()/LD_PRELOAD/X11 etc any other app.  SELinux is an attempt to
break this down, but until we have X access controls etc. it's
2) No dialog like this will ever make sense to a normal person.

However, let me lay out quickly how web-login-driver relates to
gnome-keyring.  In an ideal world, everything would be using one store
for usernames and passwords.  There is work to make Firefox use

Even if that work was complete, web-login-driver still serves two purposes:

1) Notifying apps via D-BUS when the signon changes, so you don't have
to do all the inotify goo + signons parsing yourself
2) Serving as the canonical reference for the URL+HTML form field
matching to a sensible hint like "GMail".

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