web login driver

So a while ago we had a largish discussion about the problem of typing your
password for web-related services a bunch of times into different
apps; for example into:

* GMail website
* Online Desktop sidebar
* Pidgin/IM

Now this is definitely a problem where you can start in multiple
places; after talking with Bryan though, we felt that for services
that are strongly web related (e.g. GMail), the natural thing was to
sign into the website first.

So, I created a small daemon I'm calling "web-login-driver" which
simply monitors your Gecko-based browser profile for saved signons,
and has a static list of matching fields which applications can act
on.  For example, if your app can do something GMail related, you can
notice the 'GMail' hint and make use of the username/password.

The file also includes a bit of code which auto-creates a GMail pidgin
account based on the GMail hint.  In other words, you sign into GMail,
you automatically have a local Pidgin IM setup.


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