Re: web login driver

On 9/28/07, Colin Walters <walters redhat com> wrote:
> So a while ago we had a largish discussion about the problem of typing your
> password for web-related services a bunch of times into different
> apps; for example into:
> * GMail website
> * Online Desktop sidebar
> * Pidgin/IM
> Now this is definitely a problem where you can start in multiple
> places; after talking with Bryan though, we felt that for services
> that are strongly web related (e.g. GMail), the natural thing was to
> sign into the website first.
> So, I created a small daemon I'm calling "web-login-driver" which
> simply monitors your Gecko-based browser profile for saved signons,
> and has a static list of matching fields which applications can act
> on.  For example, if your app can do something GMail related, you can
> notice the 'GMail' hint and make use of the username/password.
> The file also includes a bit of code which auto-creates a GMail pidgin
> account based on the GMail hint.  In other words, you sign into GMail,
> you automatically have a local Pidgin IM setup.

This is really cool :). Have you thought on adding a warning dialog
like gnome-keyring when someone is trying to access this info? (I
haven't tried your code yet).

Thanks for letting us know!

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