Re: New clock applet for 2.22

On 9/25/07, Garrett LeSage <garrett novell com> wrote:

> The screenshot of the calendar does not show the week number (it's useless
> clutter, relaly).  I think the week number is there in the released versoin
> due to the way the GtkCalendar widget works.

Those can (and should be) be turned off. The calendar should maybe be
made a bit more useful in general, maybe adding some decorations to
show which days
have appointments, deadlines or birthdays, Currently, it is just a
field of numbers that takes up quite a bit of room.

> Tasks are not accounted for in this mock-up. As an interesting side-note, we
> did also have a version that changed the clock face based on daylight time
> (dark it night, light if day), and there were a few other concepts mocked up
> too.

Great minds think alike...different clock faces for day/night have come up
in our design discussion for the clock, too.

> The time zone selector is currently pretty bad.  It needs a lot of
> improvement.  We did not have time to implement a brand-new, more friendly
> UI.  This really should be available to other software that needs to deal
> with time zones too, such as Evolution, and any other time-related software
> (such as system settings of some sort).
> Geo-location is also not great.  Thankfully, it does provide the location
> for the city list, so it could be worse (such as not providing a latitude
> and longitude), but it would be nice to be able to simply click on a map to
> reposition the marker, or do some placename lookup.

Agreed. For the weather feature to be really useful, the user must be
able to display locations other than the principal timezone locations,
too. (I live in the New York time zone, but I want to see Boston
weather !)

We have thought about stealing the location picker from the weather
applet,  since it is much nicer than the flat list of timezones.

Of course, being able to pick on a map would be nice
(system-config-date in Fedora shows a suboptimal example...)

 > Setting the default city (which is flexible and separated from the system
> time on purpose, for those who travel) needs to be more intuitive.  I
> apologize for this; it was an oversight and was noticed when it was too late
> to make string changes.  Currently one has to double-click to set the
> default city (and then it becomes bold).  Ideally, it would have a nice
> little button to the side of the list.

Are you sure that "default city" made it in ? I haven't found anything
double-clickable and didn't see any way to mark a city as default in
intlclock-1.0 code.

>  I hope sharing all this has provided a bit of insight and might help guide
> the future direction of the applet a bit.

 Yes, thanks a lot. In return, I have put Bryan's mockups up here:

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