Re: Module proposal: Empathy for GNOME 2.22

On 9/23/07, Xavier Claessens <xclaesse gmail com> wrote:

Le dimanche 23 septembre 2007 à 16:00 -0500, Jason D. Clinton a écrit :
> -1
> Needless duplication of work covered by Pidgin and Ekiga (and, so far,
> done better). This is a reimplementation of the wheel.
> If the last two Gnome releases are any indication, we are strapped for
> resources - taking on new modules that add absolutely nothing
> features-wise but DO add additional maintenance work doesn't seem like
> a good idea ... for now ...
> Maybe in 2.24.

I strongly disagree, Empathy do NOT reimplement the wheel! Empathy is
not just an IM client like all others, it's an IM framework and is the
only project that makes possible for other applications to integrate IM

Isn't that exactly what libpurple is which you mention below (which is already stable and implemented)?

I'm currently working on Voice+Video support so Empathy will be the
first client to support that for SIP, Jabber, and MSN at some point.

So why not wait until 2.24 when you have those features?

For the additional maintenance problem Empathy and Telepathy framework
is supported by companies like Collabora, Nokia, OLPC (RH) and Intel and
some community guys are starting to submit patches too. And we can even
use libpurple (from pidgin) in Empathy thanks to telepathy-haze.

But why is this duplication occuring?

Currently GNOME has no IM program at all, Ekiga does only voice and
video AFAIK.

See my other reply regarding Pidgin's de facto status as the Gnome desktop IM client. Why are you competing with them?

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