Re: Module proposal: Empathy for GNOME 2.22

Le dimanche 23 septembre 2007 �7:07 -0500, Jason D. Clinton a �it :
> On 9/23/07, Xavier Claessens <xclaesse gmail com> wrote: 
>         Le dimanche 23 septembre 2007 �6:00 -0500, Jason D. Clinton
>         a �it :
>         > -1
>         >
>         > Needless duplication of work covered by Pidgin and Ekiga
>         (and, so far,
>         > done better). This is a reimplementation of the wheel. 
>         >
>         > If the last two Gnome releases are any indication, we are
>         strapped for
>         > resources - taking on new modules that add absolutely
>         nothing
>         > features-wise but DO add additional maintenance work doesn't
>         seem like 
>         > a good idea ... for now ...
>         >
>         > Maybe in 2.24.
>         I strongly disagree, Empathy do NOT reimplement the wheel!
>         Empathy is
>         not just an IM client like all others, it's an IM framework
>         and is the 
>         only project that makes possible for other applications to
>         integrate IM
>         features.
> Isn't that exactly what libpurple is which you mention below (which is
> already stable and implemented)? 
No. Libpurple is an IM library. Telepathy is a IM, audio/video and
collaboration framework.

Libpurple doesn't allow you to call a contact who is using Google talk.
Libpurple doesn't allow you to work on an Abiword document with your
Telepathy does.

>         I'm currently working on Voice+Video support so Empathy will
>         be the 
>         first client to support that for SIP, Jabber, and MSN at some
>         point.
> So why not wait until 2.24 when you have those features?

For now GNOME doesn't have a IM client. So, even if voice/video is not
implemented yet, GNOME will gain a big piece of software that's
currently missing in it.
Furthermore, other GNOME components will be able to easily start to
integrate IM.


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