Re: Distributed SCM in Gnome (Was: Git vs SVN (was: Can we improve things?))

> I don't think choosing git just because others did is a good way of making
> choices in general. Although I agree with you  to some extend that choosing
> the same than freedesktop makes some sense to keep the toolchain smaller.
> I think that an impartial decision has to be made. I wonder if organizing a
> team of two or three people to evaluate git/hg/bzr to make the decision and
> just trust their decision would be such a crazy idea?
This is what scares me the most, most people are either biased toward
Git, or bzr or Mercurial (with Git having the largest fan base among
the GNOME community ...), I think that we should sit down and build a
list of requirements to the GNOME project, and then select the tool
that matches all the requirement, doing it the other way around will
always lead to bad results.

> To be honest, I don't really care, so far the only one that I've tried
> seriously is git as I have, and I've had issues loosing files after commits,
> I'm pretty sure I'm using git incorrectly, but git is not warning me about
> it anyway so I'm a bit upset.
> I'm pretty sure other options has its own issues, but I think the only way
> to avoid an endless discussion is to ask someone to evaluate the three tools
> in the discussion and just trust him/them.
Concerning me, I used Monotone extensively when it was still very new,
it was great compared to the alternatives at that time (although it
was damn slow, and the automated 3 way merge followed by an automatic
commit created me some trouble), after using Monotone for a while, I
gave Darcs a try, it was quite ok, but suffered from some annoying
bugs, and speed issue, after that I moved to bzr and I am still using
bzr daily, in the mean time I tried Git, but tnh I am not convinced
about the design of Git itself, it was designed with speed and
repository consistency in mind, but it was definitely not designed
around the idea of extensibility nor portability, to me Git is just
like autotools. Beside the design issue, Git had an engineer designed
UI, and still have it btw, but even if the UI improves with the future
releases, I am still not sold to Git design as a software.



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