Re: Distributed SCM in Gnome (Was: Git vs SVN (was: Can we improve things?))

> > I am also afraid that we might be just becoming nothing more but "geek
> > fashion" addicts trying to follow the latest RCS tendency without
> > really building solid and constructive arguments !
> I was going to be offended, but you warned :).  Now that most probably
> means that you don't hack on the more crowded projects that much...
> Many Gtk+ developers for example could not have been as productive as
> they are right now if it wasn't for git-svn.  And that's only a
> half-arsed solution.

Yeah, I am not against DRCS at all, in fact I cannot stand using svn
or any CRCS, what I was pointing out is that basically everyone is
calling for using git while superior alternatives to git exists out
there. I am not a user of Mercurial for example, but I think it is the
DRCS out there that gives a very good balance between ease of use,
speed and functionalities. Actually I use bzr daily, but I cannot
claim that bzr is very fast (the upcomming 0.92 is supposed to be
quite fast).

I think that both bzr and mercurial give a better balance than git,
which is indeed very fast on posix systems, but ad Ross said a while
ago : "Git is a good core of a yet to be written revision control
system". I think that Git is to revision control system, what
Autotools is to build systems.

I am just afraid that everyone is calling for using Git, without even
considering the existing and less hyped alternatives.

And again don't get offended by what I say ;) I am just calling for a
fair comparison of the tools, instead of a biased one :)


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