Re: Fwd: hard-code freeze break request for gnome-mag

Le vendredi 14 septembre 2007, à 23:37 -0300, Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diógenes a écrit :
> PS.: Sorry for the second message, I send the first with the wrong e-mail.
> Hi,
> We get some trouble with the composite extension being ignored due a
> wrong value read from the DISPLAY variable. This wrong value was
> introduced direct or indirect by bug #427992:
> Gustavo give use a solution that was used in gnome-mag, that was to
> add the following lines:
>         <oaf_attribute name="bonobo:environment" type="stringv">
>              <item value="DISPLAY"/>
>         </oaf_attribute>
> to the magnifier/GNOME_Magnifier.server file.
> But I forgot/don't realized that the colorblind-applet was also
> affected by this, so these lines must also be added to it's server
> file, without this when the colorblind filter is activated the screen
> get entirely grey.
> This a low risk patch with good benefits. Attached is the patch.

We could consider that this is not code, so it's not frozen by any
freeze :-)


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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