Fwd: hard-code freeze break request for gnome-mag

PS.: Sorry for the second message, I send the first with the wrong e-mail.


We get some trouble with the composite extension being ignored due a
wrong value read from the DISPLAY variable. This wrong value was
introduced direct or indirect by bug #427992:

Gustavo give use a solution that was used in gnome-mag, that was to
add the following lines:

        <oaf_attribute name="bonobo:environment" type="stringv">
             <item value="DISPLAY"/>

to the magnifier/GNOME_Magnifier.server file.

But I forgot/don't realized that the colorblind-applet was also
affected by this, so these lines must also be added to it's server
file, without this when the colorblind filter is activated the screen
get entirely grey.

This a low risk patch with good benefits. Attached is the patch.

Index: colorblind/GNOME_Magnifier_ColorblindApplet.server.in.in
--- colorblind/GNOME_Magnifier_ColorblindApplet.server.in.in	(revisão 559)
+++ colorblind/GNOME_Magnifier_ColorblindApplet.server.in.in	(cópia de trabalho)
@@ -6,6 +6,9 @@
 		<item value="IDL:Bonobo/GenericFactory:1.0"/>
 		<item value="IDL:Bonobo/Unknown:1.0"/>
+	<oaf_attribute name="bonobo:environment" type="stringv">
+		<item value="DISPLAY"/>
+	</oaf_attribute>
 	<oaf_attribute name="name" type="string" _value="Colorblind applet"/>
 	<oaf_attribute name="description" type="string" value="Control the use of image filters for the colorblind"/>

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