Re: ubuntu's shutdown screen

To clarify, I am *not* running Ubuntu on at least one of my systems
(Gentoo), that's the reason I knew it wasn't the gnome default. Isn't
it just an applet that Ubuntu uses though? Could that be made
available as an extra package to install?

That eye candy example look cool. It'd be interesting to have
something like that, but I'd settle for a unified system first. Who
maintains the logout and shutdown screens anyway? I have no idea what
project they come from.

As far as rational, it seems to me that most users only want one place
to go when they plan to leave gnome: a logout screen. I understand
that they perform different functions (one seems to interface with
gnome-session and the other with gdm?) but users (like me) don't care
which software is being contacted. They just get annoyed when they
just want to logout and realize that they only put the icon for
shutdown on their panel.

I can see a reason for leaving the two independent dialogs there
because you don't always want users to be able to shutdown (i.e. on a
server), but when gnome is used on a desktop it seems like a good idea
to combine the two. Maybe leave the logout dialog in place and change
the shutdown to combine logout options as well? That way the shutdown
applet could be subject to lockdown rules and become unavailable if
the sysadmin didn't want it there.

- Martin

On 3/31/07, Frederic Peters <fpeters 0d be> wrote:
Martin Meyer wrote:

> Can anyone tell me why Ubuntu's logout screen (or something similar)
> isn't gnome's default? On my system I have two separate applets, one
> for session logout and system power shutdown/suspend. I like Ubuntu's
> logout menu very much, and it doesn't require me to go to a different
> place when I just want to log out as opposed to shutting down the
> system. I have to have two applets on my panel for this, one for log
> out and one for shut down.
> Are there specific reasons that a single logout/shutdown dialog isn't
> used? What would be necessary to get something like that included in
> 2.20?

If we are thinking about replacing current dialogs, we could also pay
attention to Neil J. Patel mock up for eye candy [1] and Joel Spolsky
comments on usability [2].



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