Re: ubuntu's shutdown screen

Martin Meyer wrote:

> Can anyone tell me why Ubuntu's logout screen (or something similar)
> isn't gnome's default? On my system I have two separate applets, one
> for session logout and system power shutdown/suspend. I like Ubuntu's
> logout menu very much, and it doesn't require me to go to a different
> place when I just want to log out as opposed to shutting down the
> system. I have to have two applets on my panel for this, one for log
> out and one for shut down.
> Are there specific reasons that a single logout/shutdown dialog isn't
> used? What would be necessary to get something like that included in
> 2.20?

If we are thinking about replacing current dialogs, we could also pay
attention to Neil J. Patel mock up for eye candy [1] and Joel Spolsky
comments on usability [2].




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